Frequently Asked Questions

Requesting an Enrollment Group

  1. How can I request an Enrollment Group from SHEA? Please complete the Enrollment Group Request Form.
  2. Do I need an account with SHEA before I request an Enrollment Group? Yes. You must either already have an existing account with SHEA or create a new one here.
  3. How long will it take for the Enrollment Group to be setup by SHEA? After receiving the request, SHEA will create the Enrollment Group for approval within 5 business days.

Enrollment Group Members

  1. If I am going to be part of an Enrollment Group, do I need an account with SHEA? Yes. Each learner (user) being assigned to an Enrollment Group must already have an existing account with SHEA or create a new one here.
  2. What are the differences between an Administrator Member, Manager, and Learner (User) in the Enrollment Group? The Administrator Member oversees the Enrollment Group and can add/manage members, enroll members into a course by name or email, and access reporting. The Manager can enroll members into a course by email only and members must be added to the Enrollment Group before a Manager can enroll them into a course. The Learner or User is an individual who only has access to the Enrollment Group and the course(s) associated with that group.SHEA recommends that an organization only have an Administrator Member of the group to make the process easier on the organization.
  3. Will SHEA add all the members to my Enrollment Group? No. SHEA will create the Enrollment Group and assign the Administrator Member. It will then be the responsibility of the Administrator Member to ensure all learners have SHEA accounts and are added to the Enrollment Group.

Reporting and Group Dashboard

  1. Who can access reporting and the Group Dashboard? Only Administrator Members and Managers can access the Group Dashboard to view data and generate reports.
  2. How do I use the Group Dashboard? Administrator Members and Managers should review the appropriate user guide on how to access and use the Group Dashboard. If you still have further questions, the Administrator Member should contact SHEA. 
  3. Will SHEA run additional reports for me? No. SHEA cannot support running extra reports for Enrollment Groups.

Technical Support

  1. Who should I contact if I am having technical issues with the Enrollment Group? Learners (Users/Members) and Managers should contact their Administrator Member. If further escalation is required, the Administrator Member should contact SHEA.
  2. Will SHEA conduct demos on how to use the Enrollment Group? If time and bandwidth permit, SHEA will provide a demo to the Administrator Member of the group. This can be recorded and sent to you for future reference. Please contact SHEA at if you would like this demo.