Enrollment Group Information

SHEA has created an opportunity for organizations to enroll and pay for multiple fellows into our Online Primer in Healthcare Epidemiology, Infection Prevention, and Antimicrobial Stewardship. Currently, our Enrollment Group feature is designed for the Online Primer only. 

Please note the following as you consider an Enrollment Group:

  1. Your orrganization must designate one person as Administrator and that user must have (or create) an account with SHEA.
  2. Your organization will complete the online Enrollment Group Request form with required information for Enrollment Group setup.
  3. SHEA will create Enrollment Group and provide access to Administrator within 5 business days.
  4. After receiving access, the Administrator will review and approve the Enrollment Group within 5 business days.
  5. After approval, SHEA will provide the Administrator appropriate user guides.
  6. Moving forward, the Administrator will be responsible for creating SHEA accounts for all learners and adding those learners to their Enrollment Group. 
  7. SHEA will provide ongoing technical support for organization. The Administrator will contact SHEA for any support needed.

If you have any questions before requesting an enrollment group, please email LearningCE@shea-online.org. To request an Enrollment Group, please click here.