The Challenges and Innovations in Antimicrobial Stewardship

Utilizing antimicrobial stewardship (AS) to properly use antibiotics is critical for all healthcare settings to decrease antibiotic resistance, reduce the development of multidrug-resistant organisms, and put the patient first. While AS is not a new topic, it is certainly a hot topic among healthcare professionals. This podcast series aims to provide information around an array of topics related to antimicrobial stewardship, including stewardship in ambulatory and ED settings, diagnostic stewardship, tele-stewardship, and how the influence of COVID-19 on AS.

SHEA is excited to launch a free four-part series on antimicrobial stewardship:

  1. Episode 1 - Stewardship in Ambulatory Settings and the Emergency Department (Launched 10/1/2021)
  2. Episode 2 - Tele-stewardship: An Emerging Tool for Resource Limited Settings (Launched 10/12/2021)
  3. Episode 3 - Innovations in Diagnostic Stewardship: A Focus on Bacteriuria and Bacterisputia (Launched 10/19/2021)
  4. Episode 4 - Antibiotic Stewardship in the Time of COVID-19 (Launching 10/22/2021)

Learning Objectives

  1. Apply stewardship practices in the ambulatory and emergency department settings
  2. Analyze innovations in diagnostic stewardship
  3. Describe how tele-stewardship can be used in resource limited settings
  4. Explain how stewardship has been impacted by COVID-19
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Stewardship in Ambulatory Settings and the Emergency Department
Jeff Linder, MD, MPH, FACP; Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Larissa May, MD, MSPH, MSHS; UC Davis Health
Rebekah Wrenn, PharmD, BCIDP; Duke University (moderator)

Innovations in Diagnostic Stewardship: A Focus on Bacteriuria and Bacterisputia
Sonali Advani, MBBS; Duke University
Owen Albin, MD; University of Michigan
Jessica Howard-Anderson, MD, MSc; Emory University

Tele-stewardship: An Emerging Tool for Resource Limited Settings
Erin McCreary, PharmD, BCBPS, BCIDP; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Edward Stenehjem, MD; Intermountain Healthcare
Chris Crnich, MD, PhD; University of Wisconsin

Antibiotic Stewardship in the Time of COVID-19
Rebekah Moehring, MD; Duke University
Emily Spivak, MD, MHS; University of Utah
Jaffar Al-Tawfiq, MD; Indiana University


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