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This module will introduce the SHEA Prevention Course in HAI Knowledge and Control also known as Prevention CHKC. The introduction will address why the course is so important and the effects of Healthcare Associated Infections. This module will also review who SHEA is, who the authors are, and who should be taking the course. It will discuss the 10 different key topics in Preventing HAI’s. Prevention Strategies, Cleaning Hands, Clean Environment, Occupational Health, Lab & Antibiotic Stewardship, Isolation Precautions & PPE and the prevention of CAUTI & CLABSI, Pneumonia, MRSA & MDROs, C. difficile, and Surgical Site Infections. The Introduction will also explain how the course works including pre-assessment, modules, post-tests, credit acquiring as well as what is included, individual learning paths, interactive moments, challenge questions, resources and tools, and references.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  1. Review best practices for the prevention of device-and pathogen-associated infections in hospitals, e.g. CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI, VAP/VAE, C. difficile, and MRSA, how to perform and promote hand hygiene, and how to improve frontline personnel’s understanding of disinfection and sterilization as appropriate for their role(s)
  2. Demonstrate ways to perform basic HAI prevention strategies, plus advanced approaches for outbreak management
  3. Examine performance and accountability measures within the healthcare team to implement infection prevention practices
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